What to Like from Concrete Bird Bath

Apr 23rd

Are you thinking about having a bird bath construction in your front garden or backyard? Why not choose the concrete bird bath? This type of bird bath is solid, durable, convenient, and easily found but there are some things you need to consider before having one.

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The Various Types

You may not know this but the concrete bird bath comes in various types and styles. Pedestal birth bath comes with a pillar base from concrete and detachable basin. It is the most popular options for bird bath construction. Ground level style is similar to the pedestal but it doesn’t come with the pedestal construction – only basin on the ground. This bird bath construction can come in various colors too although basic gray is the most popular and common option. You can choose between black, gray, or ivory with textured and multi colored crushed mosaic chips. Basically, the bird bath construction can come in these designs:

  • Leaf or shell shape
  • Fluted bath
  • Stylized Roman, Asian, or Grecian influence
  • Different geometric shapes for the basin, such as rectangles or squares

Important Considerations

Sure, having the concrete bird bath can add the value to your property as well as increasing the beauty. Not to mention that the concrete construction has solid durability and sturdiness with different varieties and models. However, you should know that the concrete construction requires extra care and maintenance. If you don’t properly care for it, it will accumulate mold. Concrete is quite porous. If you don’t clean it regularly or you don’t protect it during winter, not only mold will grow on it, your bird bath fountain will develop cracks and leaks too. And you should think about the weight too. Concrete is pretty heavy and solid so it is definitely not portable. When you want to reposition or clean it, such work can be tough.

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